THE HOLY SPIRIT (PART 1) – JOHN 14:26; ACTS 2:1-12


The Holy Spirit is the closest personality to every believer who believes in Him. He is the one who has been in the church since He gave birth to the church on the day of Pentecost.  Unfortunately however, He is the most misunderstood Person in the Church in this dispensation. The purpose of this study is to remind and enlighten us more about the Person of the Holy Spirit and His ministry activities. May the Holy Spirit inspire us, in Jesus’ Name.


  • The Holy Spirit is the third Person in Trinity. He is a Person but not human with flesh and blood. Gen. 1:26a
    • He is the first Personality at work after God in the creation – Gen. 1:2
    • He is a unique Person not an “it” but a He. John 14:26
    • He is the Promise of the Father, the Godhead. Luke 24:49; John 14:16,17
    • He is Eternal. Heb. 9:14
    • He is Omnipotent. Luke 1:35
    • He is Omnipresent. Ps 139:7-13
    • He is Omniscient. 1 Cor. 2:10,13
    • He is Sovereign. That is, He has a will. 1 Cor. 12:6,11
    • He is the Spirit of truth. John 14:17
    • He is a Speaker and a Teacher. Acts 28:25; John 14:26
    • He is the Spirit of Holiness and Multi-dimensional personality.


  • Without the Holy Spirit Christianity is dry, monotonous, and mundane.
  • Without the Holy Spirit, our labour is draining and wearisome
  • Without the Holy Spirit, there is no fellowship with God – Eph. 2:18
  • Without the Holy Spirit, church will change into a social club
  • Without the Holy Spirit, church will become a religious institution
  • Without the Holy Spirit, there will no revelation because the Scriptures will become a lethal. 2 Cor.3:6
  • Without the Holy Spirit, there will be no liberty or freedom. 2 Cor.3:17
  • Without the Holy Spirit, there will be no vision, joy and peace. Unfortunately, He is no allowed may be in neighbourhoods, schools, prisons, homes, hospital, and even churches where they don’t believe in Him.

Conclusion: It is an error to seek to understand the work and power of the Holy Spirit without first coming to know Him as a Person.

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Pastor Sunday Adeola is dynamic young missionary with hardened passion for souls winning. He's a trained Banker as a profession but works as full time missionary due to the call of God upon his life. His desires are to see the Kingdom of God established on earth and to help the youths in his community to discover, develop and deploy their potentials. He's an erudite preacher and teacher of the Word of God as well as capacity to motivate people around him in actualizing their set goals and fulfil their dreams. He's Certified Member of John Maxwell Team as a Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Youth Program Facilitator. He's a founder of Purposeful Youth Network International (PUYON International), a not-for-profit youth organization established for the purpose of reaching out to the youths in his generation. He's married to a woman and blessed with godly children.

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