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Text: Luke 22:8-13

Introduction: There is always at least one person that the Lord has ordained for you to connect in life for you to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Missing that fellow can make you live an unfulfilled life.

1 Joh.4:7; the bible says – beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and everyone that loveth is of God and knoweth God. When we love genuinely, it shows that we are truly children of God that carries His image. The love of God positions you for divine identification – (known by other children of God).

In Gen.41:9-13, the butler told Pharaoh that, there was a Hebrew boy who had given correct interpretation to the dreams the chief baker & he had in the prison and, he knows the young man can still interpret the King’s dreams correctly. Joseph needed such a person in order to fulfill destiny. The Chief Butler that he met in the prison became his divine helper to getting to the throne of Egypt.

1 Sam.9:15-20 & 1 Sam.10:1; Prophet Samuel is seen as that divine helper for Saul to become the king of Israel.

1 Kings 19:19-21, Elisha found this divine helper in Elijah. From the moment he met him, nothing could separate him from Elijah except the chariots/horses of fire after getting the divine help needed to fulfill destiny.

In 1 Sam.30:11-15, the Egyptian boy that was abandoned by his Amalekite’s master because of sickness became the man that David and his people needed for the recovery of all their losses.

Showing God’s love is important if we don’t want to miss the link. David and his people demonstrated this love by feeding and treating the boy of his sickness.

At least one person has been designed to be our divine link/helper. The person could be a white, black, young or old, children or adult.

2 kings 5:2-3, Naaman found his divine link/helper in the little girl that was captured from Samaria. Missing such a link, Naaman would have died as a leper irrespective of the wealth, honor, power and the fame he has. That’s why agape type of love is unavoidable.

Luke 22:10-13, the disciples were to eat the critical meal (last supper) with Jesus. This is a crucial meal that was to put a seal to their destiny. They can’t play with the importance of this meat. Jesus told Peter and John that when they enter the city, a man with pitcher of water will meet them. They should follow him to the house he enter and ask for the master of the house who will show them the large and well furnished upper room. This man became the link to their locating the venue of that great event.

The large upper room – represent a place where power will be released, of honor and full of life. The master of the house – means people that matters in the society.

The divine helpers acts on divine instructions and can’t say no to you over what God has already concluded as His plan for your life. They must obey you. You are not to miss these divine links/helpers that could be anybody, even your Pastor. Everybody needs these divine helpers. A young lady/man needs such a person. Everyone in business needs the link to have a breakthrough.


They connect you to the next level. Link you up with destiny. When you discovered them, they help you to reach your goal through divine access to God’s provision and abundance. – The butler helped Joseph to the throne – Gen.41:9-13. – Elijah helped Elisha to attain a height where a king began to call him, my father – (2 Kings 620-21). – Helped David to recover their lost & get to the throne – 1 Sam.30; 1 Sam.16:11-13. – The man with water pitcher helped the disciples to get to the throne of power, strength and life.


– Must be genuinely saved – 2 Timothy 2:19. God knows His own. – Demonstrate agape type of love. Unconditional love – 1 John 4:8. It shows you have relationship with God. – Be spiritually sensitive and pay attention to divine instructions. It will add life and peace to you – Rom.8:5&6. – Obedience – Deuteronomy 11:26-27. Meeting this divine helper becomes a blessing if you obey God.


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