INTRODUCTION:The quality of life you live is determined by the quality of your walk with God.  You can’t walk with God and not walk with good.  All those who walk with God always experience His goodness in life.  The journey of life becomes easy when we walk with the one who knows the route best. Walking with God is the best way to pass through this earth.  It is safest means of travelling through life.  The times we are in calls for a quality walk with God.  There is a need for each man to enter into partnership with God for the realization of his dreams for the year ahead. Partnering with Him guarantees you a failure free life.  Just as God called Abraham into a walk with Him.  (Gen. 17:1). He is making a call for you to walk with Him.


1.   Accept Him:  John 1:12. – When you open the door of your heart to Him, He will open the door of your life to you. Rev. 3:20.

2.   Agree with Him:  Amos 3:3 – Every partnership begins with agreement.  To walk with God you must agree with Him; agree with His concept about life.

3.   Be Led by His Spirit: Rom. 8:14 – Walking with God requires that you be led by His spirit.  Be sensitive to follow wherever the Spirit directs you.  It is impossible to miss the way while following His leading and direction.  It is impossible for God to lead you astray.

4.   Do His Commandment: John 15:14 – True partners of God put His principles into practice.  To walk with Him, you must live in obedience to Him. Jesus said, “you are my friends if you do the things that I command you”.

5.   Give yourself to His Service: Deut. 10:12 – Those who desire a successful walk with God should be ready to serve Him.  You can’t serve God and end up in servitude to the devil. Service to God and humanity is a call.  Service guarantees fulfillment in life. Matt. 23:11.

6.   Learn to Live By Faith: Heb. 11:6 – A successful walk requires that you be man of faith. It takes faith to please God. After we are saved, our next task is to learn to live by faith.  We begin our walk with God by faith, proceed by faith and end in faith. Heb. 10:38, Hab. 2:4, Heb. 11:13.  Faith is what connects you to the supernatural.  Faith enables you to see the invisible and to do the impossible – Luke 1:3, Phil. 4:13.

7.   Be A True Worshipper: John 4:23 – Worship is the reason for our being.  When you worship God, your walk with Him becomes more fulfilling.  Worship Him in spirit and in truth.  A man’s true worth is reveled at the altar of worship. A successful walk with God comes from a lifestyle of worship.

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Pastor Sunday Adeola is dynamic young missionary with hardened passion for souls winning. He's a trained Banker as a profession but works as full time missionary due to the call of God upon his life. His desires are to see the Kingdom of God established on earth and to help the youths in his community to discover, develop and deploy their potentials. He's an erudite preacher and teacher of the Word of God as well as capacity to motivate people around him in actualizing their set goals and fulfil their dreams. He's Certified Member of John Maxwell Team as a Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Youth Program Facilitator. He's a founder of Purposeful Youth Network International (PUYON International), a not-for-profit youth organization established for the purpose of reaching out to the youths in his generation. He's married to a woman and blessed with godly children.

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